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Customer Relationship Maximizer


The Direct Route to Better Strategic Planning...

 ... Turning Information into Action

As a successful community banker, you know your greatest assets are
your customers. Your success in the future will depend on continuing
to satisfy their needswhile you attract new customers like them.

But who are your best customers and what do they need? The answer
is different for every
bank, and with your account information you have the tool to find out.

At most banks your size, the people responsible for growing relationships
have  little time for data mining  or CRM analysis.

That’s why Quantisis Research has the Customer Relationship Maximizer
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How it Works

We’ll work at your office to preserve the confidentiality of your data. And
you don’t need to buy an MCIF system. We’ll apply our analytical tools to your account data and
discover where you are strong and where you have the best opportunities to grow.

Your customer information stays confidential and secure at all times .

Are you considering making an investment in an MCIF?

If you do, will your staff have the time an expertise to use it?  Quantisis Research brings you the
advantages of a fully dedicated MCIF department at about a quarter of the cost.

In-Depth Analysis

We will analyze your performance at the product, customer and branch levels. You’ll see
benchmarks of institutions like yours

Products and Services Planning:

Which products are most important from the standpoint of number of accounts, balance
and profit contribution?

What are the patterns of product usage?

What are your lead products?

Which products are included in the most profitable relationships.


  Promotion priorities

  New product opportunities


  Product bundling

    Product line consolidation

Customer Relationships Planning

Who are your best customers? What characteristics do they share? Where do they
live? Who are your “relationship” customers and who are only “transaction” customers?

What are the product usage patterns of more profitable and less profitable customers?

How does profitability differ by branch/market area?

        Cross-sell targeting  
        Retention strategy                         
        Needs-based selling                  
        Customer acquisition strategy

Branch Planning:

How do your branches compare on key performance measures:
        cross-sell ratio
        new customer growth
        core account sales?

Where is your growth coming from?

Where are your profits coming from?

Which branches are doing best with small business

Recommended Actions

Our recommendations will be detailed, specific and actionable. We will
present our findings and recommendations to your management team at
your offices.

You will also receive a detailed hard copy report with supporting data.