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Branch Market Analysis

Is this a Good site for a new Branch?
Where is a good place for a new Branch?

Perhaps you are considering potential sites for your expansion, each with advantages, but you are not sure which should be your first choice.

BranchMapOr you are considering a market that is less familiar to you.


Or maybe you are uncomfortable with a site which has been recommended to you, and you want to validate your misgivings. 

Quantisis Research’s Branch Market Analysis gives you an objective assessment of each opportunity based on facts not opinions. And it costs just $1,650.  

We will assess each market using common criteria, so it’s easy to compare. You’ll receive a board quality report in both hard copy and slide show formats which will include:

·         Competitive profile including market shares and historical growth trends of branches in the market

·         Projected household, loan and deposit growth in the market

·         Three market share projections for business and consumer products for your proposed branch

·         Pro-forma financials based on spreads, facilities costs and operating expenses which can be customized to your bank

·         Demographic and company profiles of the market

·         Color maps of the trading area showing competitive banks and credit unions

The cost of our standard report is only $1,650 for the first site and $950 for each comparison site. This is thousands less than you would pay a consultant.

Wherever you are in the process of planning or considering network expansion, I invite you to take a look at our Branch Market Analysis. Or feel free to call us directly at 508-647-0751 to discuss your situation.