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Interested in Growing Your Business Banking?

·        Quality loan demand

·        Increased low cost deposits

·        More service income


 FAST TRACKER from Quantisis Research is a tool your
officers can use to get a jump on your competition.

To grow business banking, you need to really know who
your best current customers are and discover other
companies like them in your market.

Retail Banking relies on mass marketing. Business
banking relies on targeted personal calling.



To make your calling efforts efficient and effective you need to know:

·        What types of companies are your best customers?

·        What companies like them are in your market?

·           Who can give you an introduction?

To understand who your best customers are, you need to go beyond the capabilities of the typical
retail bank marketing information system:

·        Combine related companies which may have different names, addresses or TIN numbers

·        Include the business owner’s personal banking relationship in the overall value of the
         company’s relationship

·        You need to be able to look at an officer’s portfolio of customers and prospects.

FAST TRACKER is a tool to get all this information with a couple of clicks.  

FAST TRACKER combines your internal account information to identify your best customers
with external information about your market

With FAST TRACKER it’s easy to produce contact lists for cross-selling, new customer prospect-
ing and referral source development

CLICK HERE  to see how FAST TRACKER works.