Quantisis Research
Discovering the Best Growth Opportunities for Banks and Credit Unions

We'll compare your actual account
data to the demographics of each market to
quantify your branches' top priorities for growth

Assess each of your branches

 Which branches are getting their share of
market potential?

Which branches have upside potential?

Where is the most market demand for

       Low cost deposits
      Loan Demand
      Liquid Investments
      Commercial Services

Profile the People You’re Not Yet Serving 

The people who walk into your branches may
not reflect all the people in the communities
you serve.

Most banks are missing whole segments of their
markets. Your customers may include:

· The retirees but not the affluent earners

· The local workers but not the commuters

· The long time residents but not the new comers

· The students but not the young families

The deposit and loan needs of your existing customers may not be a sign of the demand of the whole market.

Quantisis  Research can give you extensive data for every market.

Demographics of the whole market

Quantified loan and deposit demand of the whole market

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Branch Performance and Potential